Sudwerk Brewing Co.

When the brewers (mad scientists) at Sudwerk set out on a mission to create a lineup of 22 oz. specialty lagers, we knew great beer--and possibly some minor explosions--were going to come out of it. We took to the drawing board (literally) to pair each unique beer with an equally unique, hand-illustrated label and punny name. The results are the Bourbonator, a barrel-aged doppel bock that emerges from hibernation in Kentucky oak bourbon barrels with ferocity; the Big DIPL, a double imperial pale lager that uses rare Galaxy hops to achieve intergalactic greatness; Rye of the Lager, a rye imperial pale lager that rises up to the challenge of our rivals; Three Best Friends, which pairs coffee, chocolate, and vanilla together to create a dark, rich lager that will quickly become your new best friend; and Cascaderade, an imperial pale lager dry-hopped with Cascade hops which create a refreshing, uniquely West Coast taste.


Sudwerk Brewing Co.


  • Brand Concept & Naming
  • Custom Art Direction
  • Label Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Package Design
  • Painting