Branding & Packaging

Treana Blanc

Angelina & Brad. Ellen & Portia. Beyoncé & Jay-Z.
Lady swagger isn't given, it's earned. When Treana Blanc came onto the scene, we knew it would have to stand up to the already established Treana Red. A dynamic duo, Treana Blanc balances perfectly with its counterpart, yet has a signature style based on its own beautiful yet complex attributes. Using the same bottle mold as the Red, but in an eye-catching claret green, Treana Blanc gets a coordinating label featuring delicate embossing and gold foil--a more feminine take on the signature Treana Red gold filigree. The short capsule gives you a seductive peek of the custom printed cork, in order to–as all powerful women know–create interest without compromising elegance.


Hope Family Wines


  • Custom Art Direction
  • Label Design
  • Messaging & Storytelling
  • Package Design
  • Visual Systems & Identity